BMW all set to launch the 7 Series Active Hybrid 7

BMW has been working on a segment of petrol hybrid vehicles for the past couple of years and the final version of the engine has been finally installed in the all new BMW 7 Series. The new 1400 7 Series vehicles were showcased in 2011 for the first time in the United Kingdom and were priced from a starting range of 60,000 Pounds.

The all new Active Hybrid 7 is powered by a 3.0 liter six cylindered in line petrol engine along with a 40 kW electric motor. The vehicle accelerates from 0 – 60 MPH in 5.7 seconds with an electronic speed limiter that restricts the top speed to 155 MPH. A Twin power 3.0 liter straight engine has also been placed as an optional variant.

With a combined fuel efficiency of 41.5 MPG, this improves the fuel efficiency of the previous generation of the vehicle by only 5.7 MPG. Therefore, the increase in cost is beyond the means of explanation. The diesel vehicles in the 7 Series such as the 730i and the 740i provide an average fuel consumption of 50 MPG. Therefore the Active Hybrid 7 technology is not as adventurous as it initially promised to be.

However, the Co2 emission has been decreased from 150 g/km. However, the diesel cars cannot be used to cruise around town purely on electric power. However, that is possible on the Active Hybrid 7. The petrol engine is quite refined and the vehicle as a result is quite smooth. However, this is not quite surprising as the vehicle has eight gears and two distinct power supply options.

The engineers from BMW have done a commendable job with the steering and the general handling of the vehicle. The vehicle also has a host of drive models such as Sport, Sport+, Comfort, Comfort+ and Pro. The change in different drive modes however does not affect the crispness and sharpness of the vehicle and as a result the car feels good at all times. While pushing the accelerator to the ground it is advised that all thoughts of fuel consumption be kept aside as both speed and fuel efficiency do not go hand in hand.

The ECU settings on the BMW 7 Series have also been edited and as a result the ride quality is decent and people get the feeling of driving a Mercedes S Class. The refinement on offer is why people opt for BMW in the first place. The engineers from BMW are a realistic bunch of professionals and as a result their vehicles are for practical use rather than for occasional usage. Providing comfort, good ride quality, efficiency and speed, the revamped 7 Series cars are the perfect form of vehicles from the German car makers.

The new 7 Series vehicles will go head to head with the Mercedes Benz S350 CDI Blue Tech although the vehicle from Mercedes Benz is better in many aspects. Overall, the BMW vehicle is good but it could have been a lot better in terms of overall refinement.

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