BMW 5-Series by Wald International

The Japanese company Wald International can not really find the looks of the current 5-Series from BMW, so they take matters into his own hands.

Of business and tranquil atmosphere that we simply are not many BMW shoots left, Wald International provides a completely new body kit. That you foresee your Fünfer of a new front bumper, aggressive sleepers and upgraded wheels. At the back is clearly worse, as we witness the rear spoilers and not one but two found a four-piece exhaust!

Or you can seem so tough when the neighbor is still the question, maybe you better save a little while until their own BMW M5 an opinion. Wald International also nothing untouched on a motor upgrade or an adaptation of the interior, but it would not surprise us if one of the possibilities. The chance anyway nil you a Wald 5-Series will meet on the road, since the mark was especially popular in the Japanese tuning scene.

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