BMW 4 series coupe and convertible reviewed

There was a huge confusion regarding the series 3 cars from BMW. There were too many variations in the same car. The coupe and the convertible will now be presented under the 4 series banner from the company. This has been a well thought out plan on the company’s part as they will now have something new to offer to the people and make an impact on the sales of the company.

The coupe will reach the markets before the convertible. The 4 series coupe is set to reach the markets as early as October. The convertible version is to reach the markets later. The car will be launched in six different engine variables but at first there will be only 3 versions the 420d, the 428i and the 435i petrol version. The starting price of the car has been marked around the £31,575 mark.

The 435i was tested recently and the car is full of positives. There have been a lot of additions. However if you have been inside the 3 series then the car will look quite similar other than the fact that you will be seating 10mm lower and you will feel closer to the road. The dash board is still at the same height that makes is look even sportier in this version.

The six cylinder engine has a lot of power and speed. The seat belt of the car holds you closer to the seats making you feel safe. The arm rest is also very good. The steering is not the most admirable thing in the car. The start button is just an arm away from the seat. The engine of the car has a very sweet growling sound that you will love when you press on the accelerator.

When you drive the car in the default comfort mode the car is very comfortable indeed. The car makes you feel at home. The 8 speed automatic gearbox of the car is very good and that is a must in each of the 4 series cars. The steering feels light and makes you feel good. The car can be used to go through the towns or you can easily cruise through highway at a steady speed.

When you want something more from the car on the highway you should switch from the comfort mode to the sports mode and you will realise that the smooth car is now a beast that has been unleashed. This gives you the real feel of the car as you can go through the roads easily. There has been a lot of control in the car ever since its 3 series days.

A lot has been said about the car but the car still has a lot of space to accommodate four adults easily. The boot space of the car is good as well. This was a car long awaited from the company. It is a matter of time before the people can get their hands on this car.

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