BMW 228i M Brings Back Agility and Refinement

BMW is known for designing sporty vehicles all the time, even though most of their latest creations are not quite sporty, due to the weight of additional luxury. The BMW 2 Series however, plans to bring back agility, to their products. The BMW 228i M proves to us once again that the German car makers have not lost their magic touch!

Basic dimensions have increased, followed by more aggressive styling and exterior dynamics. Despite these changes, BMW claims that not much is different about their new lineup. Standard 18 inch rims have been added, which enhance the car’s visual aesthetics.

The cabin too, features quite a few upgrades, with enhanced appeal. A 6.5 inch touch screen device is in place, highlighting in car entertainment, along with satellite navigation, integrated garage door opener, dual zone climate control and mono roof structure. There has been a minor price hike too, but it is worthwhile!

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