Bentley Plans on Showcasing the GT Speed Convertible By 2014

Bentley Plans on Showcasing the GT Speed Convertible By 2014

Bentley announces an all new convertible for the Detroit Auto Show 2014. A prototype of the vehicle was showcased at the Detroit Auto Show 2013 with Bentley promising to showcase the road going version next year. The vehicle displaces a massive 616 BHP along with 490 ft lb of raw torque. The 6.0 liter V12 engine churns out maximum power and this monster can easily cruise at speeds of 202 MPH.

The Continental GT Speed convertible is set to share its drive train with the GT Speed Coupe and the general specifications and figures of both the vehicles are similar. The GT Speed convertible uses the latest ME17 power train enhancement system and this makes the vehicle perform faster than the Coupe. The loss of the roof however desynchronizes the aerodynamics of the car by a slight margin and hence the benefits of weight loss are not felt entirely by the driver.

An energy recuperation system works in accordance with the drive train of the vehicle to establish a more than decent performance and induction of different drive modes also enhance the general driving experience. Selecting the Sport mode literally jolts the drive back into the seat as the general power production is increased.

The general ergonomics and exterior of the GT Speed convertible have not been changed and the vehicle is still based on its predeceasing design. The chassis has however been lowered and he suspension feels more crisp that the usual.

The 10 mm lowering of the general ride height makes the vehicle sit tightly wrapped around the road. Safety features include electronic driving assist measures like advanced traction control and steering assist. These may help drivers control their vehicle better but reduces the fun of driving and also hampers with overall performance. Experienced drivers may opt to switch off the assistance measures although it is not recommended for the beginners as the massive power generation of the GT Speed convertible will not spare a single soul.

The high grip and traction helps the vehicle maintain body control and this is a very important addition to the GT Speed. The additional radiator grille in matte black is the only difference this vehicle features with the Coupe and a B badge has been mounted on the side panels behind the doors as well as the radiator grille. The interior, like all other models from Bentley, is sumptuous and the cabin screams speed from all sides. Use of black leather upholstery makes the interior quite comfortable and cozy and the cabin is the most luxurious in its segment.

Bentley has gone a few steps ahead of it and has undone itself in terms of designing and the interior could easily be mistaken for a Rolls Royce. The GT Speed convertible is the best vehicle to hop on to for long rides and the power production will keep you hooked on to the steering wheel at all times. Hard cornering in this vehicle feels nothing less than a performance coupe, except for the fact that you are seated in luxury.

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