Audi selects Mexico for their new production plant

Over the years Audi has gained popularity and this is due to their sporty and flashy cars that are different from the other brands. These cars are designed to fit the business class, the sporty peoepl and the trendy people. Their various designs are different from other brands and this is through proper market research to find out what the clients seek. The Audi motor company has started to spread it wings and started to make the increased market productions.

With the aim to finish the productions faster and increase the market share, the company has decided to spread its wings and make it easier for the clients to access the cars. One of the production plants that is about to be opened is in Mexico and this will increase productions, attract more clients and make the services available to them. This will be a car assembly, engine manufacturing, car sales, repair, and spare parts facility, which will act as the main headquarters of Audi in Mexico and its environs.

This has been considered to be one of the biggest milestone the company will make in the car industry. It is tapping various markets and making the services available to the clients. This is one of the main concepts, that most of the clients want to consider before they invest in any car. They will want to know more about the branches it has and their nearest facility to get the services. The clients have to know more about the costs of shipping and when the plant is near them, it gradually decreases the costs of purchase, ordering and getting services. The Mexico plant will serve many countries and they will not have to import via longer distances. This is one of the main areas of concern, that clients will want to consider when they want to invest in any car of choice.

One of the reasons that the company chose the Mexico plant from the USA one was the competitive structures, and free trade agreements and better working costs, and taxation in Mexico. This also adds another market in Mexico where other companies have not considered investing. This also comes with benefits for the locals like easy marketing and advertising, easy handling and transportation of goods and spare parts and it creates more employment facilities.

The investment plan has already been structured and this means that it will start to produce in 2013, where they will start the full implementations and functions of the plant. The government of Mexico, and other investors have appreciated the efforts of this investments and see it as an easy solution for the locals to gain access to the cars. This has also enabled the company to restructure their marketing, and want to know more about the designs, the needs and the current competition in the markets. With the support from the locals and the demand in good and unique cars that many people want. The future is bright for Audi, and has created, competition for other car dealers in the area.

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