Audi Reveals Official Images of the New RS3

Audi has revealed formal images of their next generation RS3, after their A3 Clubsport managed to grab eyeballs, on an international circuit. Additional information includes interior details and exterior upgrades, even though performance updates are to be revealed.

The standard variant has been offered along with its Sportback cousin, for the very first time, with this vehicle. Market expectations from Audi has been high, for the past couple of months, since they started revealing their next generation vehicles, for model year 2015. Insiders however reveal that a four cylindered small block 2.0 liter engine block could be used underneath its bonnet, although, we will get back with official information, only after formal announcements are made.

Audi is in for a treat, as market demand has been steadily increasing. Their RS badge vehicles are an enormous hit with customers around the world, along with their A Class vehicles. Stay tuned as more news is yet to come.

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