Audi R8 V10 Plus – an amazing package for the buyer

The R8s of Audi are very famous due to their design and performance. The best among others R8s are designed for a very high end driving experience. Very recently the company has released the V10 Plus version of the R8 production line. It is the special edition of the R8 versions which claimed by the company as the new version of the cars. Though, V10 Plus is the variant with a few minor alterations and one major improvement.

The central characteristics of a hand-made supercar are not changed. V10 Plus is a two-seater framed with aluminum in the middle and powered by highly revving engine run on petrol. The previous R8s were not very renowned due to the indecent automatic gearbox. However the one major improvement in this production line is made via V10 Plus car by replacing the automatic gearbox.

Previously the cars before the V10 Plus were equipped with R-Tronic unit which was manually robotized. This required a modulation on throttle by the driver in between the gear shifts to carry on with the smoothness in the ride which was already very unconventional. However, this was the main issue in those versions. For the solution to this problem the replacing gearbox is 7-speed, a bit more heavy and compact twin clutch unit which has the ability to shift within a fraction of a second. It can be operated in full automatic mode or can be run via paddles which are affixed behind the steering wheel. But the traditional 6-speed manual has also been made available in all models.

When R8 appeared on the scene for the first time in 2006 the design was very fresh and new to the eye that is why very few alterations are made with the design of V10 Plus. The combination of the domed roof and the shark like front nose is ultimate difference and a compelling one too as far as the rivalry is concerned. Another upgrade that has been made with V10 Plus is that now they all come with LED lights for the head and tail lamps, and the indicators on the rear sweep instead of blink.

As for the interiors the improvements are equally illusive, with more detailing of leather trim on the dashboard and chrome around the dials. The quality benchmarks are placed at extraordinary levels and that is definitely what you get when you are going for such an expensive super car. The performance of the car is also exceptional as the 5.2-litre V10 engine produces 518 horsepower, which helps the car from 0-62 miles per hour in 3.9sec. The top speed is 197 miles per hour with fuel consumption of 19.0 miles per gallon and carbon dioxide emissions of 346g/km.

All these features pinned together to provide an amazing package for the buyer. But as a buyer you definitely get the worth of your valuable money as it is not a cheap car by any stretch of imagination. So the people who ignored the Audi R8s in the past because of its disappointing automatic gearbox the V10 Plus is highly recommended.

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