Audi launches the upgraded A3 Sports back

The Audi A3 Sports back feature one of the peppiest engines in the current Audi lineup, apart from the S3 and until the arrival of the RS 3. The A3 is however due for a more powerful diesel engine late next year; however it will not be able to produce the thrill of the TFSI engine. The A3 will be available with an optional four wheel drive Quattro technology. However, tests are being conducted to consider the feasibility of installing an S Tronic transmission system on the A3.

The A3 has a lot of potential and this vehicle attains speed of 60 MPH in close to 7.2 seconds. This is considerably quick for any hatchback and the vehicle is available in three different trims, an entry level SE, Sports and S line. This puts the vehicle is a commanding position in the segment. The suspension on the A3 has been made softer in response to criticism on hard sports suspension on previous A3s and as a result the ride quality is better and the vehicle is more comfortable overall however with a little decrease in the performance front.

The 1.8 TFSI powerhouse installed in the A3 produces 184 ft lbs of torque at a peak RPM of 1250 to 5000. Peak power comes in around 178 BHP @ 5100 to 6200 RPM. The strongest aspect of the TFSI engine is the fact that it is very flexible. The engine has been tuned to the optimum level and it is quite flat and lacks power in the higher end. The engine sound is not that great and it fizzles away the feel of driving once the engine starts.

There is a slight presence of transmission lag and presence of under steering is obvious. However, this is not as problematic as it seems and this is mainly due to the heavily tuned Macpherson front and rear strut suspension. The prototype which underwent the test run had these problems and Audi is most likely to fix the problems before the vehicle is sent for mass production. This car seems to be quite promising and there are two different drive train options available on this vehicle.

No matter what the problems are, the 2013 A3 is a much better sport back than its predecessor and it could prove to be a benchmark product in the long run. The fuel consumption of the TFSI technology is the best part about the engine as complete fuel consumption means an overall better fuel economy which produces an extra 15 MPG. The seven speed automatic transmission system is well mated to the engine.

With CO2 emission of 160 g/km and an overall weight of 1280 kg, the A3 promises to be more than what its predecessor was. The four cylinder, 1798 cc, turbo charged petrol engine is sufficient for the vehicle and with an over 50.4 MPG economy rate, this vehicle could be used efficiently for long distance driving. Driving within the city limits is a breeze with the A3.

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