Audi launches the limited edition A1

Audi has just revealed the first look of the Audi A1 Quattro super mini. The 1.4 TFSI petrol engine on the A1 produces a hefty 182 BHP and is a limited edition vehicle with just 333 left hand drive units available across showrooms. The vehicle is in tune with the Audi TT and the Volkswagen Scirocco R.

The vehicle sports a permanent Quattro technology with an all new six speed transmission system, anti roll bar cages with an all new multi link suspension system. The suspension is the same as that available on the Audi TT and the brakes have been improved which instills more confidence into the heart of the driver. The steering ratio has been has been kept at a standard 14.8:1 and consists of an overall electro hydraulic system.

The use of carbon fiber has been accelerated on the total body of the A1 and this is one of the best elements of the vehicle. This vehicle however costs close to double as that of the Black Edition A1 and is priced at 41,000 Pounds. You also get more accessories for an addition 11,000 Pounds which include a special rear shock absorber, LED Daytime Running Lights, DAB radio with a Bose audio device and an advanced satellite navigation system.

All the units are available with a dual combo of black roof and glossy white boot spoilers. This along with sporty 18 inch alloyed rims along with hard leather seats with a touch of red stitching make the vehicle extremely sporty to look from both the interior and exterior. The vehicle like most hatch backs from Audi is extremely fun to drive thanks to its smooth shifting capabilities. The high bass growl, smooth engine revs along with reduction in turbo lag make the overall ride quality extremely smooth.

The only real drawback on the machine is the EA113 engine which could have been done away with. A dual clutch transmission system is the good part about the vehicle and the brake pedals along with the exclusive ceramic disc pedals make the car quite efficient and easy to handle. Traction control is excellent and so is the electronic drive assistance measures.

The vehicle has provisions for causing the least amount of damage to the driver or the passengers in case of a crash as an independent monitoring system monitors all the wheels distinctly and as a result the braking is quite abrupt. This as a result reduces the probability of an accident. The Audi A1 has been completely built for the track and driving this vehicle is a fun affair on its own.

The United Kingdom was expected to get just 19 units of the Audi A1 and unfortunately the lot was sold out a long time ago. Therefore, the only practical way of owning the vehicle now is to find out which country still has stocks and import the vehicle. However, this is a very costly process and as a result it is best to wait for the next limited edition model from Audi.

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