Audi Designs the RS5 Cabriolet for the Chinese Market

Audi Designs the RS5 Cabriolet for the Chinese Market

Audi has increased power production in the new RS5 Cabriolet and power generation has been increased to 444 BHP. The vehicle features all wheel drive along with a fabricated roof while features GmbH Quattro drive train features. Priced at £68,960, this is also the range topper in its class. BMW is designing the 4 Series which is expected to directly rival the RS5. However Audi is offering muscular ergonomics to woo customers.

The three doors Audi A5 was a decent competitor in the market and the RS5 is expected to witness similar demands in the market. Potential sales volume could go up and Audi is hopeful of a successful run post launch. The RS5 shares many of its parts with the Coupe and the 4.2 liter V8 engine along with the seven speed automatic transmission system.

The welded roof has been replaced by a carbon fiber one and that reduces weight marginally. The roof can be open or closed till a maximum speed of 31 MPH, crossing which the car sends a warning sign and cancels the procedure. The roof opens and closes within 15 seconds and Audi has increased the boot space by 60 liters to a total of 320 liters. The three door cars feature a comfortable cabin space and when the roof is down, the cabin is quite cozy.

The RS5 cabriolet is a classy machine and features the perfect balance between class and performance. On the styling front, the vehicle is like any other RS vehicle and the visual aesthetics is what attracts people to itself. Driving the vehicle is a dream and the RS5 glides over asphalt effortlessly.

The RS5 is not slow by any means and optimum power development occurs at the 4000 RPM mark. The optimum torque developed is 317 ft lbs of torque and the V8 displaces a healthy 444 BHP. Once the eight cylinders fire up to maximum capability, driving the vehicle becomes a breeze. Weighing a total of 1920 kg, the Cabrio is fun to drive in, both with the roof up or down.

The vehicle is very stable around corners and cruising around on the vehicle is fun. However at a slower speed, the vehicle is not as responsive. The pricing factor plays an important role and the RS5 is not cheap to own. 0 – 60 MPH is achieved within 4.9 seconds and the RS5 sports a top speed of 155 MPH. Audi claims a fuel efficiency of 26.4 MPH although this is just on paper.

Final efficiency is yet to be tested although the actual figures are expected to be close to the claimed figures due to the GmbH technology. The RS5 competes directly with the Porsche Boxter and the BMW M3 Cabrio. Audi fans are sure to be enthralled by this ride as it is practically flawless. Audi has struck the right chords with the RS5 and the Quattro drive is just an added incentive to the ride. The vehicle is expected to hit showrooms by the end of the year.

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