Audi Connect will inform you about the available parking spaces

The technology advancement is seen almost in every sphere of our daily life. Now this advancement is used in the car industry for finding out parking places. It becomes a great problem at times find out free parking space while you are out with the car and you have to reach on time. Earned for finding parking spaces you need to go a long way, searching here and there and wasting the costly gasoline. Not only the gasoline is lost but the car also emits harmful gases which cause pollution in the air. And above all your precious time is lost in all these. So the new technology is invented which can bring about great changes not only for the automakers but also for the infrastructure side.

Credit goes to Palm Malhotra who is the director for connecting automobiles at Audi, who has revealed about the new parking assistance feature. This system will be linked with navigation system and this will provide the driver about information regarding the available parking spaces nearby their desired location.

Poem Malhotra has also said that the Audi car models will have the parking service system in all the car models which will work smoothly. And thereby guiding the driver to get to the perfect location without any problem. The driver can enter the details about the destination as soon as he gets inside the car, and the navigation system will show the nearest parking spaces through the online service assistance. All the Audi car models will have the Audi connect feature. This will help to avail the parking garages nearby the destination.

The online assistance will also inform the driver about the rate and time limit available at the garage. On the other hand, garages with ultimate infrastructure facilities will inform the driver about the space availability instantly.

The parking assistance is built in such a way, Malhotra boasts that the system will show the driver about the exact location of the garage along with giving detailed information about actual entrance, which can be on a street which is different than the street address provided for any garage location.

The parking feature is created through a partnership with a company called Inrix, which has been working for a long time for gathering information about parking garages and details about them. Inrix agreed to provide Audi data of 42,000 parking spaces available in Europe.

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