Audi A8 wins Euro Car Body Award

A8 awarded for innovative body construction

On the “12 International body Benchmark Conference “won the Audi A8 by a wide margin the” Euro Car Body Award. The A8 has thus the world’s most prestigious award for innovative body construction.

The Audi A8 won the award not an insignificant session. The leading expert body come together in the annual Bad Nauheim, assess trends and check numerous car bodies and production cars very closely. As a highlight and demonstrate their work, they reward the most innovative series body in the world. For this year’s event of the “Automotive Circle International” end of October 2010 gathered 520 specialists from 22 countries. Together with a panel of experts, they assessed 14 current serie – vehicles, including the A8. The result: the Audi A8 price is based on a record: 41.11 maximum 50 points from the Ingolstadt sovereign bestow the first place.

A8-231 easily kg body

The Audi A8 stands out with its lightweight quality, the ratio of body weight and torsional rigidity. The 231 kilograms, aluminum body from upper-class model from Neckarsulm is about 40 percent lighter than a comparable steel version. She also has a lightweight quality that is 20 percent higher than that of the previous A8 is. The body in aluminum Space Frame (ASF) is based on bionic principles: how the bones of a skeleton connecting all body parts best function and low weight. This aluminum grades 13 are used, as needed in different places to use from there.

Audi A8: welding, screws, rivets and glue

The Audi A8 hold mechanical and thermal joining processes together different: 1,847 punch rivets, 632 self-tapping screws, 202 welds, 25 MIG-welded seams, six meters laser welds and 44 meters of adhesive seams body make the A8 to the highly functional unit. Also convinced of the real tangible customer benefits from the Audi A8 in 2010 , the judges essentially: This is where the excellent crash test results of the A8 as important as the significant values in aerodynamics and acoustics. Also repair and collision concept classification flow into the score. The first place of the Audi A8 is therefore for the high quality and the holistic approach to body development.

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