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Audi A7 – the best available classy vehicles in today’s markets

German auto mobile giants have lately launched the most anticipated vehicle. This expensive vehicle was a complete success form the first day it landed in the markets. The new improvised Audi A7 is available in petrol and diesel engines. The vehicle contains a3 liter V6 TDI engine that can generate an amazing BHP 245 and the torque rate around 500. Audi A7 is amongst the most successful models from the German manufactures. The car is built in accordance with the state of the art technology and friendly environmental features.

The features of this car enable it to compete in the best available classy vehicles in today’s markets. The car has luxurious looks providing real comfort to the passengers. Apart from this the car was designed in accordance to maintain its racing spirit. There is no doubt that this specific vehicle is the actual eye catcher. The car is light in weight that means it is build from pure aluminum and this constitutes its whole body.

The weight of the car when combined with the powerful engines enhances the acceleration rate of the vehicle. The body of this vehicle has denser features where most collisions are expected. The car is powered by super engine that is 2995 CC. It has the capacity to generate 300 PS at around 6500 RPM. It has the variant six cylinder engine capable of producing the 2400 RPM. The car is fuel efficient and environmental friendly as well.
Audi A7 is available in two different variants. These two packages have their own different engine capacity.

The different gear box transmission provides the vehicle with different stages of engine acceleration and performance. The diesel version is available in TDI Quattro 2977 CC producing 255 PS around 4500 RPM. This vehicle is an ultimate speed care that is capable of touching the speed of 62 miles per hour in simple 6.02 seconds. The car can reach the maximum speed of 155 miles per hour. This vehicle is an accurate fusion of dashing looks and amazing performance. The distinctive exterior is made from aluminum give the vehicle an exquisite appearance. The front grills are beautifully placed.

The car is very much capable of catching the eye at the very first sight.
The level of refinement introduced in the interior of this luxurious sports car is amazing. The car is designed to provide an experience of the next level. The vehicle is fully leathered from inside with the combination of wooden plates used around its console. The quality material used in the inside of the car states it own story.

The interior of the car has made more spacious as compared from its previous models. This was done with the motive of increasing the level of comfort. The car has an amazing road grip that enables the drive to have smooth control even on sharp turns. The Audi A7 is the ultimate sports car of the season. The car states its own class while parked in the garage of is on the road.

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