Aston Martin Virage Up For Auction on eBay

Aston Martin is a popular name amongst car enthusiasts and James Bond fans alike, so much so that a model based on their popular silver Virage is being auctioned on eBay, along with two other vehicles, as part of a Police fundraiser. All three vehicles were impounded during a police sting operation and were recovered from the joint fight against organized crime.

The Vauxhall Vectra and BMW 120I SE may not be as popular as an Aston Martin, although they are equally important too. These vehicles are being auctioned from a base price of £3,350 for the Vectra, £13,765 for BMW and a whopping £79,000 for Aston Martin.

They are listed on eBay and will be available till 3 PM May 12, post which they are to be pulled down from auction, if not sold already. This is quite an attractive proposition for people to miss out on. Stay tuned!

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