Aston Martin V8 Vantage all set to become an open challenge

The internationally reputed British Car manufacturer that has been stealing hearts for its tech features are now ready to rule international roads. A lot of expectations ride on its shoulders, as it has the best engine to supporting its awesome air cutting chassis. With a huge list of aspiring customers, it has planned a replacement model for its old Vantage. The new V8 Vantage will replace its successful ancestor by 2018.

Aston has received a roaring verdict from its critics on its VH architecture. It has dedicated its engineers to make the necessary changes and modifications to make it a superior performer on all scale. Aston has a plan of launching a new Aston DB9 model to uplift its name and markets various ranges separate from each other. Its body design and its mechanical performance stats will be easily distinguishable on all terms.

Aston Martin has to manage a strong schedule in these following years and there is no doubt that you will be happy with the results as what they will come up with is truly worth waiting. Its new body looks will be a surprise for its fans and customers. After catching tits V8 on racks we can determine that Aston has adopted a lot from the Bugatti on its design language and also the colours are a reflection of the famous Lamborghini car genre.

Its new age comes with a new clan of design scripts and performance language. Its yellow borders were never something that we have expected from this car manufacturing company renowned for its bold looks and smart yet singular colour tone.

This V8 vantage has a lot to offer to its buyers who will have to wait for a long time to rest their back on these amazing performer’s seats. Quite obviously you need a heavy pocket to have one in your garage as its reputation as luxury car manufacturer is no less than that of a fast car manufacturer. It has made an array of changes over the Vantage S as it has to improve its steering system and its suspension has undergone a lot of improvement too. All these measures are voluntary to the complaints it had received from its Vantage S customers.

Tagged at a lofty exchange of nearly 90,000 Great Britain Pound, it surely delivers what it is expected to. It has a pickup of 0 to 63 mph in 4.8 seconds which is not very impressible in comparison to its competitors in the market and neither an upset for its customers. It showed a top speed of 190 mph on its test track and gives an economy of 20.5 mpg. It has a very fine handling and this calls for more buyers for this situation.

Its engine has an average capacity of 4.435 litres engine capacity and this V8 engine, which runs on petrol, will be a complete justice as far as performance is considered at this price tag. With a 6-speed manual gearbox fed by a power source of 430 bhp and a torque of 361 lb ft, is a worth investment.

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