Aston Martin reveals the CC 100 concept

Aston Martin is one of the makers in the car industry who have been in business for the longest period. They have been producing the cars that are more appealing to the eye. The speed was never a factor with any of the Aston Martin models. It is a great move on the part of the company to come up with a concept like the CC100. The concept was revealed a few days back.

The CC100 is a great innovation in the 21st century. The car has a lot to offer. It comes across as a patronage to the company on its 100th year of being in the industry. Keeping a lot of things intact as a heritage of the company the model has a more modern outlook compared to any other Aston model.

The car is built around the basic structure of the Aston Martin DBR. The car that won the Le Mans in 1959 this car is similar to that in its two seat speed star appearance. The basic side line and the grill of the Aston are still prominent in this model as well. The car was tested recently Nürburgring. The car was being driven by the current boss of the company Ulrich Bez and the DBR1 was being driven by Stirling Moss.

The car has been designed to add a lot more flavour to the line of sports car that the company boasts off. The rear of the car has been remodelled in order to compliment the front of the car that holds the new grill. The grill of the car is now a part of the body and it no longer looks like a separate graphic that has been installed on the car.

The car has a 6.0 litre V12 engine that generates a lot of power to run this amazing car. The six speed gear box can ne automatic or manual depending on the choice of the customer. The car has a great acceleration and claims to reach 0 to 62 mph in just about 4 seconds. The top speed of the car has been restricted to only 180 miles per hour.

The chief designer of the company feels that the models of Aston Martin are ever green and always look beautiful but they need to go under the scalpel in order to evolve in this competitive era of mechanics and engineering.
The interiors of the car have been redone to give the people a better feel of the car. The controls have been minimized but that does not mean that the car has lost the essence of Aston Martin. The car still has a lot to show what an Aston Martin is actually capable of.

The car will be produced later but the concept of the car looks impressive at the moment. The eco mode and the emission levels will be something to watch out for with this car.

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