Aria FXE – A Hybrid Super Car With 1,150 Horses

One of the cars that produces over 1,000 horsepower was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show by Aria Group. The aerospace equipment and car prototypes manufacturer revealed the supercar Aria FXE, a competitor for Ferrari or McLaren cars.

The super car has been named Aria, and will be offered to customers in two versions: FE and FXE. The first version is based on an engine with a displacement of 6.2 liters, and this is the only information provided by company representatives.

Regarding the top FXE version with hybrid propulsion, Aria gave some more details. The supercar will have the same gasoline engine displacing 6.2 liters which along an electric motor develops 1,150 hp and a huge torque of 1,784 Nm!

The engine is coupled to a 7-speed automatic box and the torque is delivered to both axles. With a weight of 1,565 kg the FXE reaches 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and the maximum speed is 337 km/h.

The super-car measures 4,470 mm in length, 1,930 mm in width and 1,139 mm in height. The bodywork panels are made up of composite materials, and there are titanium pieces made using 3D printer on the suspension!

The company plans to build only 400 copies and future customers will be offered a wide range of options for vehicle equipment and customization.
The Americans have not announced the price for their super-car.

The company still has to work on its prototype for about a year, and in 2019 the supercar will be released.

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