Apple confirms development software for self-driving cars

Apple confirms development software for self-driving cars

For the first time Apple has officially confirmed that it is working on self-driving cars. “We are focusing on autonomous systems,” said CEO Tim Cook in a TV interview.

The television interview for Bloomberg TV earlier this month dates back, but only in recent days. Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks in them of “the mother of all AI projects’ artificial intelligence for self-propelled cars. He uses this definition because “it is probably one of the hardest AI projects to work on.”

Autonomous systems

Since 2014, Apple is working on Project Titan, which originally aimed to develop an actual car, the ‘iCar’. Last year’s focus is limited to autonomous systems. Such computer programs could indeed be more than just cars coasting on its own. Cook is not on the details but says the “core technology” is important for Apple.

Technology analysts assume that Apple does not want to bring another self-propelled vehicle technology on the market but this one step further develops. They see opportunities such as an operating system that the various apps and would check around the car’s software to connect to related sectors – Apple is for example an investor in auto part business Uber – but augmented reality where information on the windshield of the car is displayed instead of displays. The frameworks for machine learning and other techniques presented offer is the opportunity for Apple last week.

What’s next : some cars and electric cars?

To catch up to competitor Waymo (the self-driving car division of parent company Google Alphabet) and car manufacturers to catch Apple must also come up with something special. Regarding the iCar – “Is this ever yet?” – Apple is a blow to the arm. Cook sees three interesting innovation trends which the tech company could play a role: in addition to self-propelled cars and app-based car sharing also electric mobility. “We’ll see where it takes us” is all about Cook wants to lose.

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