AMAZING NEWS!!! BMW 8-Series Will Be A Reality!!!

AMAZING NEWS!!! BMW 8-Series Will Be A Reality!!!

According to Automobile Magazine, BMW 8-Series has officially received a code name for the next generation, scheduled to appear on the market in 2020. The official code name for the future BMW 8-Series is G14 / G15!

Rumors about a revival of the BMW 8-Series have been circulating for a while, but no official confirmation has been made at least so far.
According to the aforementioned source, the next generation BMW 8-Series has officially received the code name G14 / G15, which means that by 2020, we will have not one but two 8-series versions. We do not know if it’s a coupe and a cabrio or a coupe and a Gran Coupe times or two similar versions with different wheelbases.

The reasons behind the relaunch of BMW 8-Series are understandable and largely related to the fact that BMW does not currently produce any rival against Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe or Cabrio.

Moreover, rumors about an Audi A9 have also intensified, so BMW had to do something not to lose contact with the tops of the range of the two rival manufacturers.
If not so long ago we were talking about a future BMW Series 9 to become top of the range, things have changed.

According to the code name, the future BMW 8-Series will share a common architecture with the current BMW 7-Series and, at least in theory, it should provide a more dynamic behavior than that of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe; the main advantage is provided by the experience of BMW with the use of carbon fiber, both in the case of the new 7-Series and the BMW i models.

Another very important thing about the future is that BMW 8-Series top of range will eliminate the BMW 6-Series Coupe and Convertible models out of the scheme.
However, BMW will not completely eliminate the 6-Series models, but will redesign them to become more suitable rivals for different versions of Porsche 911 available.

In addition, if things were not clear enough, it seems that BMW has already reserved the “names” 825, 830, 835, 845, 850 and performance versions M8 and M850.
Automobile Magazine says that, most likely, the future BMW 8 Series will not have a Gran Coupe version so as not to “steal” the sales of Series 7.
In conclusion, this is very good news to start the week with: BMW 8-Series gets the green light!

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