All The New SUVs From VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat

The German brand and its satellites are preparing no less than nineteen completely new or renewed SUVs in the coming years, and seven of them will be launched by the end of 2018.

The MQB architecture allows unprecedented flexibility in the development of new versions based on current models, the only fixed element being the distance between the pedal and the front axle. At the compact class level, the platform has three options: MQB A0 dedicated to small class cars (Polo, Ibiza, future Fabia and A1), MQB A1 for the conventional C segment models (Golf, Leon, Octavia, A3) and MQB A2, which is the Tiguan and Kodiaq basis.
Seat Arona (MQB A0)

The first exponent of the new simplified version of the MQB, called A0, was Seat Ibiza, so the first SUV created from this architecture will be Seat Arona. It will be launched in autumn in Frankfurt and will reach the market by the end of the year and will be produced alongside with the future Audi Q2 at the Seat plant in Martorell, Spain.

Audi Q2 (MQB A0)
Launched last year, Q2 is the smallest SUV in the Audi range. With a length of 4.19 m, width of 1.79 m and a height of 1.51 m, it is 20 cm shorter than an A3. The 2.60 m wheelbase and the MQB platform are, however, the same. Q2 comes in three TFSI versions (1.0 116 hp, 1.4 150 hp, 2.0 190 hp) and three TDI (1.6 TDI, 116 hp, 2.0 TDI 150/190 hp).

VW T-Cross (MQB A0)
VW will appeal to the short wheelbase version A0 of the MQB platform for the new Polo SUV. It will be presented in 2018 and will follow, from a stylistic point of view, the design direction drawn by the older brother Tiguan. T-Cross will have a length of about 4.13 meters.

Skoda Karoq (MQB A1)
With a length of 4.38 meters, Yeti’s successor will have five seats and will be positioned in Skoda’s range under the larger Kodiaq, available with seven seats. Karoq is 16 cm longer than the Yeti, so the supply of interior space will be more generous.

Seat Ateca (MQB A1)
Compared to VW Tiguan’s brother, Seat Ateca adopts a more sporty design. The Ateka has a length of 4.36 meters, 13 cm less than a VW Tiguan and more than 30 cm compared to Skoda Kodiak.
The luggage volume varies depending on the version: 510 liters for 4 × 2 and 485 liters for 4 × 4. In addition, only the 4 × 4 variants feature multilink rear suspension.

Audi Q3 (MQB A1)
Audi will launch the new generation Q3 in 2018. To keep up with rivals like BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA, the new model will grow in size. Thus, the length will measure 4.45 meters, compared to only 4.39 meters at present.

VW Tiguan Allspace (MQB A2)
Compared with the short wheelbase model already on the market, the VW Tiguan Allspace offers seven seats and extra 115 liters as luggage space: 730-1,770 liters. The range of engines will be similar to that on the Tiguan.

Seat Vigo (MQB A2)
The final name (Vigo) is not yet established, the Iberian brand taking into account the names of Mallorca, Formentor and Barna. Seat Vigo will be presented next year, and will be offered with five or, optionally, seven seats. The front traction will be standard, and the all-wheel drive optional.

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