All about the COTA 2013 racing track

Though the COTA has not been constructed yet but still it is planning to do great business from it. This road circuit’s use will begin in November when it will be hosting the last race of F1.

Le Mans Series of America have revealed this that they will conduct a race in the beginning of June at the COTA i.e. Circuit of the Americas in the year 2013. ALMS also announced that the date of the race will be out when the whole AMLS racing calendar for the year 2013 will be released this year.

COTA will be built in Austin, Texas. The road track is of 3.4 miles and it is being expected that it will be a high performance road track as it is being manufactured by putting in great efforts, doing massive research and development. Trained track developers are working on it to make it an efficient racing track.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of ALMS Scott Atherton said that it is a great opportunity for them to work with the COTA on brining the racing premiers held in NA all the way to Texas. This will be the best road racing circuit ever made.

He also said that adding the Circuit of the Americans to their calendar will be something that will be loved by fans all over the world. They are a number of fans living in Texas who will be overwhelmed by this new plan of ours. It will open up a new market of business for our sponsors and manufacturers for sure.

The Circuit of the Americans will have twenty turns along with the elevations of 133 foot. This whole facility costs about 400 million dollars. It can accommodate about 120, 000 people at the same time.

The Circuit of the Americans is not just a racing track facility. It will also have a live music space along with a museum for about forty thousand square foot. The Circuit of the Americans will also be serving the needs for technology, education and business. It will have a medical center that will provide training to the medical students and will also offer paramedic services.

The President of Circuit of the Americans named Steve Sexton said that their vision is to partner with various automotive organizations and bring in innovation in their work that would please the fans in an ultimate way. Our vision is supported by the partnership with American Le Mans Series. The fans of ALMS are quite loyal and so we will try our best to put up such a show that would make them overwhelm every time they expect something from it.

American Le Mans Series initiated the trend of Green Racing. The vehicles that it is producing are favorable for the environment and they do not excrete harmful carbon residues that could be dangerous for the environment. The USA Dept. of Energy and US Environmental Protection Agency along with SAE international have provided support to ALMS in making Green vehicles.

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