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Acura Launches the MDX Crossover

Acura is ready to showcase the third generation MDX and this three row crossover could make its official debut in 2014. This vehicle features a new engine and is based on a front wheel drive platform while insiders have also hinted at a cheaper entry level product. The new MDX is more visually enthralling than its predecessor while the ride height has been reduced by 1.5 inches. The width has also been reduced by 1.3 inches whereas the wheelbase has been increased by 2.8 inches.

However, the aspiring part about this generation MDX is that the vehicle has been built on a chassis designed for its purpose unlike a light truck platform on which is predecessor was based. The body is very strong while Acura claims an increase in the body strength by up to 64 percent.

The body is composed of magnesium and aluminum and this makes it lightweight while not compromising on body strength. Torsion rigidity is up by 12.4 percent and this makes the vehicle safer and comfortable to drive. The interior has also been overhauled and this enhances the visual aesthetics, comfort level and appeal of the vehicle apart from making it more comfortable. One of the major problems with the last generation Acura MDX was the lack of smoothness and this transpired to parking difficulties in small places.

Head and leg room has been increased by 2 inches and this translates to better comfort on the move. The third row of seats is accessible easily due to the one touch switch that folds up the second row of seats quickly and effortlessly. The cabin is noise proof and quiet which gives a refined feeling and a smart start / stop technology saves adequate fuel.

The MDX is powered by a 3.5 liter twin turbo direct fuel injected V6 engine lifted off the RLX sedan and this engine displaces 290 BHP along with 267 ft lb of torque. A 3.7 liter V6 engine is also available with the MDX and this engine displaces 300 BHP. Power displacement is not the sole criterion while calculating the efficiency of an engine and refinement, fuel efficiency and CO2 emission are equally important.

Additional electronic measures include push start, keyless entry, cabin noise control, Bluetooth, rear view camera, text messaging and Pandora. The Acura MDX is capable of accelerating faster than the RLX and this makes the cross over superior to the sedan. Acura is not a very popular name with most customers although the MDX could change the face of the company.

The engine is mated to a six speed manual transmission system and this restores the drive feel associated with the vehicle. There is a huge list of options available in the luxury cross over segment for people willing to purchase a cross over. The Acura MDX is not the best choice in the market considering the other more reliable options. However, considering the price segment and the features available at the cost, the MDX is a viable option.

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