ABT does the new Golf: ABT Golf R

ABT does the new Golf: ABT Golf R

Some of us consider an ordinary R not enough, so that Tuners Always think it does bring the necessary satisfaction. ABT also makes his attempt, and gives us the Gulf of R.

They take a basic golf R. That in itself is not bad, but the engine was a little changed. So get them at Abt 310hp, not bad. Fortunately, the gentlemen take their job seriously by Abbot, they provided new brakes, shock absorbers and a suspension that can handle these speeds it should. From zero after 5.1 seconds you’re already at 100km / h, which is best should be congratulated, and you do need to have Belgians in our country is indeed a different issue … The top speed is equivalent to 261 km / h.

Of course what would the eye, so Abbot provided a new bumper, of course including LEDs. You also get new side skirts, a rear spoiler, rims and striking finishing touch to a red stripes down the car. With all these visual adjustments will surely distinguish yourself from other Golfs. Since all members of the Volkswagen family at the front about the same look, a new bumper is not such a bad idea.
In future, Volkswagen itself a greater role in tuning own models before they blew last a new breath in their R-divsie.

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