A Lamborghini SUV?

A Lamborghini SUV?


A few days ago we only had rumors concerning the latest concept car form Lamborghini. Now we have the official confirmation that the newest thing from Lambo is the Urus SUV concept car. It will officially debut at the Beijing Auto Show shortly.

Nothing is known except how the car will look on the outside and on the inside. Speculation, however, is open and Car and Driver has some extremely plausible information of the topic. According to them, the SUV will have the same platform as the Volkswagen Touareg, the Audi Q7, the Porsche Cayenne, and quite possibly Bentley’s soon-to-arrive SUV. Think about for a second and it makes a lot of sense.

Since we are talking about Lamborghini, the engine presents a lot of interest for the people. The odds are this car will have the same V10 used in the Gallardo. Another avenue is the twin-turbo V8 unit on the Audi S8. The least possible motorization alternative is the use of a hybrid powertrain. Everyone may be eco and all that, but the trend is not that powerful, not yet anyway. But, stranger things have happened, so it is still an open choice.

On the inside, it will have room for just 4 people, not 5 as it was widely speculated. The center-stack toggle switches, all too familiar, will be fitted, alongside the proprietary Forged Composite material. If you recall, this was a material that was developed at first with Callaway, a golf club manufacturer.

Right now, that is about everything we know. More data will be available as soon as the Chinese auto exposition kicks off, so stay tuned.

A brand famous for its exclusive super cars, Lamborghini is thinking of adding a third model to its roster. This time a more mass production model like a sedan or SUV. Most likely it will be a SUV but things will be cleared by the beginning of 2012. Whatever the new car will be it wont be available any sooner then 2016, as stated by CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

It can be a comfortable bet that a concept of what is to come may be seen on the Geneva Auto Show next year. Winkelmann said in an interview at the Frankfurt Motor Show that when a decision will be taken, that will be theme when the public gets to see something.

This course of action has been considered since 2008, when we got to see the Lamborghini Estoque, a 4 door sedan, at the Paris Motor Show. It seems however that that idea was dropped in favor of a SUV design. A tested and proven solution as the Porche Cayenne has shown the world.
Lamborghini is currently among the very few producers with only 2 models for sale. While this may have been a hit in the past, today´s market is more orientated towards sedan and SUVs. “If you want Lambos around in the future” the Italian manufacturer must consider this avenue to increase income.

Winkelmann said the Estoque concept was a test to see how people react when they see the Lamborghini logo on something else than a super car. He continued, adding that any new model will have to be in perfect resonance with what the brand name suggests. The overwhelming positive response proved this move was indeed the correct course of action to take.

The exact approach to what model will stand next to the Gallardo and Aventador will be known shortly, in a couple of weeks. The CEO confirms the SUV segment is mainly targeted and says that evaluations will be done by the Volkwagen AG group.

They are already building a number of SUVs: the Porche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7. Also concerning Volkswagen AG, the company is in negotiations involving a merger with Porche. Between 1986 and 1993, Lamborghini build the military grade SUV LM002. During this time the company was owned by Chrysler.

Regardless of what the new car will be, it must be one that appeals to the Asian markets. Since the peak of 900 cars sold in the US, things have been steadily going downhill to a number of just 290 sold units last year.

To be profitable at least 500 cars should have been sold. Things were balanced by the Chinese who bought 200 cars last year. Considering the state of the American economy and that China has the largest growth potential and market, it is only natural for Lamborghini to have its eyes on it. However, there are hopes that a recovery in the US segment might be possible, helped of course by the introduction of a new Lamborghini model, be it sedan, SUV, or something else.

New Lamborghini Urus info here

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