A brief introduction to Mazda Minivan

A brief introduction to Mazda Minivan

Minivans are known for their multi- purpose capabilities. They are also referred to as multi utility vehicles. The Mazda minivan was first launched in early 1940s. The first minivans were rear wheel drives. The minivans then later developed into front wheel drives around 1984. Mazda Minivan was first originally imported from Japan before manufacturing plants were set up at different locations in the world.

The Mazda minivan has a small difference from a van. The difference comes with the rear doors and windows and the general shape of the body. The minivan has a V6 engine with a horsepower of up to 200.
Minivans started becoming popular around the 1990s. This is because of their multi- utility capabilities. They are the best kind of family cars because of their sitting capacity. They can also be used to carry a variety of cargo. Another feature is their affordability in pricing and fuel consumption.

The Mazda minivan is available in three different classes, the Mazda 5 Spot, Mazda 5 grand touring and the Mazda touring. The Mazda touring model is a family car that costs around $20000. The sport model costs around $18000. The Grand touring model is a luxury car and is much more expensive because it comes with added features such as the moon roof, fog lights and it also comes with an entertainment package. The model also has HID- high intensity headlights and a state of the art navigation system.
There are three types of Mazda minivan. They are the compact minivan, the mini and the large minivan.

Compact: the compact sized Mazda minivan is a six- sitter which is suitable for small families the cargo carried is also small. It was initially not so popular but currently, here has been an increased demand for the car. Most Mazda sporting models are compact minivans. It is more flexible and easily manevrable than other models.

The mini: the mini is also the mid- sized van. They are the regular minivans. The van has a seven- sitter capacity. The car has room for regular capacity of cargo during road trips. Recent models of the mid-sized van feature DVD players.

Large minivans: the larger minivans are usually the most preferred utility vehicles. This is because they have a large sitting capacity. They can also carry a large amount of cargo. The car can carry up to 14 passengers. It is therefore a convenient travel car.

The other minivans that offer stiff competition to the Mazda minivan include:

Toyota Previa: the minivan was introduced around the same time the Mazda minivan was released on the U.S market. The car has a larger engine than the Mazda minivan. The size is similar as well as the type of engine which is V6, .35 liter engine.

Nissan cube: its target drivers are more of the youthful drivers as compared to the Mazda which is built for a family car or a utility car. The car is box-shaped which is different compared to conventional minivans. The car also has a 4- cylinder diesel or gasoline engine.

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