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918 vs Lamborghini Huracan vs SCG003C Ring Video comparison

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is pleased to announce that there will be two SCG003C’s from Chris Ruud’s Lightspeed Racing competing in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

We are amazed and proud that SCG has Designed, Engineered, and Built from the ground up a car that can run with the Automotive Giants at The Ring. The 24 Hours of Nurburgring is the most brutal test of endurance for Sports Cars in the World and as our SCG003C set the fastest lap during the last 6 Hour Qualifying race we’ve shown we can be very competitive.

An onboard video shot during Qualifying for the 6 hour is interesting. There has been a lot of discussion about my desire to bring order to road car “Ring Record” times. The video of our qualifying lap was shot in traffic that was also trying to qualify for the 6 hour. Remember our SCG003C runs with race restricted Horse Power of about 500. It also runs with 100KG of ballast. This particular lap was run on a cold damp track. During the race the track dried out and we set a faster lap on the fifth lap of a stint which was the fastest lap set during the 6 hour race by anyone including Porsche and Lamborghini race cars. All of the top GT3 cars ran very close to us and all our time shows is that we are competitive. This brings up the issue of road tires and road cars. There is no legal road tire that can stand up to 5 flat out laps at the Ring. We do believe that the Road Legal Version of our Race Car will be a lot closer to our race car than other Road Legal Versions of other manufacturers GT3’s. Our road car SCG003S will have over 200 more HP and 250NM more of Torque than our race restricted race version. It won’t have 100Kg of ballast and even on real road tires I believe it will be very fast around the Nordschleife. If the organizers take up my ideas and bring rules to “Road Car Nordschleife “Records” we shall see just how fast it is.

We have set our video against the “Record” video’s of the Porsche 918 and The Lamborghini Huracán over the exact same apples to apples section of the Nordschleife. Both the Porsche and the Lamborghini ran with non street legal roll cages which stiffened their chassis. Our SCG 003C ran in race restricted condition on slicks. I still think that part of the requirement for a road “Record” should require real road legal tires that anyone can buy and that can drive a reasonable distance to The Ring at a ride height that can manage real roads not lowered for “record” attempts. As an aside, race regulations for safety reasons now require a higher ride height than last year.

Our SCG003S Road car is really coming along. We will soon begin a serious on road testing program and look forward to being able to have customers take her for a spin. SCG003S will be displayed at The Quail during Monterey Car Week. My 50 year experience driving and converting race cars for the road will hopefully play a positive role in the S’s development.

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