2020 Mercedes T-CLASS MPV – Teaser

The new Mercedes-Benz T-Class

Mercedes will come with a practical T-Class MPV in early 2022.

Despite the consumer is currently fond of all kinds of crossovers and SUVs, Mercedes (more specifically the Mercedes Vans department) is apparently still working on a full-fledged MPV that will go through life as a T-Class. The silhouette is immediately reminiscent of the R-Class of years 2005-2013. In early 2022, the T-Class should appear at the local Mercedes dealer.

The future T-Class will nestle under the V-Class / Vito and mainly wants to offer functionality and practical ease of use. Thanks to sliding doors on both sides, the entrance to the back (second + third row of seats) must go smoothly, for professional users (taxis, passenger transport, etc.) will also be able to find their way here. Technically, the future T-Class will share the necessary with the Mercedes Citan .

Further details are (currently) scarce, but there will. Also come a purely electric Mercedes T-Class MPV in addition to the classic (petrol / diesel) engine range.

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