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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLA Mule Begins Tests As An A-Class

One of the main problems with the Mercedes-Benz GLA is that, ever since its release, it was seen as a jacked up A-Class rather than a Mercedes-Benz model that was truly independent – and there’s good reason behind that!

First of all, the GLA has the same MFA, or Modular Front-Wheel Drive Architecture, as the A-Class. From engines to transmissions, it’s all identical. However, it seems that this wasn’t exactly what the Mercedes company was aiming for, as they are now trying to prove the world wrong. For now, the engineering team in Stuttgart has begun performing tests on the 2020 GLA-Class using a mule similar to the body of the 2018 A-Class.

Considering the fact that both of the models were designed using the MFA2 platform, creating this interesting mashup was far from difficult. The company relies on the fact that the next GLA-Class will be released in 2019, meaning they have more than enough time to work on prototypes using the production body.

Let’s not forget, though, that so far this model is only a raised up A-Class, so it’s only safe to make some speculations.

On a different note, the smallest crossover ever made by Mercedes will suffer from a radical weight reduction. According to the plan, this will be made by using high-strength steel and aluminium parts as much as possible. Also, this model is expected to come with mild-hybrid engines, as well as a brand new generation of diesels.

As for other speculations, chances are that the new model may also come as a plug-in hybrid version, especially considering the downsizing trend that will clearly continue for the next few years. Even so, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the three cylinder versions (similar to the Bavarian rivals) will disappear entirely.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes-AMG GLA45 will go on with the same powerplant as the A45, although it’s expected to overcome 400 hp. The new feature is expected to come by the time the next Mercedes-Benz compacts will be put up for sale.

Gladly for those who enjoy having much space in their cars, the 2020 GLA will be a bit more spacious and rugged in the shape of the GLB, but these rumors weren’t officially confirmed yet.
Photo credit: autoevolution.com

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