2018 BMW M2 CS Is Winter Testing Its New M3 Engine

2018 BMW M2 CS Is Winter Testing Its New M3 Engine

Just in case the 2018 BMW M2 wasn’t good enough, right now the company will bring it to a whole new level. The new model is expected to be launched with the ‘CS’ suffix added to its name.

One of the main changes coming from the new model is regarding the S55 engine. Unlike the one found in the M3 and M4, this engine version will be just a bit detuned, and so will its exhaust. However, the 2018 BMW M2 may have borrowed the transmission and differential from the M3/M4. The main reason for that would be that these work perfectly on the N55 unit which belongs to the standard M2 model.

However, the exhaust system isn’t the only thing that made spy photographers at BMW realize that the German company is working on something else. Another clue came from the transmission cooler. Although this part of the vehicle can be seen right behind the signature grill of the M2 version, it couldn’t be seen on this one. Considering the fact that both the M3 and M4 have similar setups on the S55 units, the return lines on the new version are probably going through the lower vents of the front spoiler.

Another interesting feature of the supposed CS prototype includes considerably bigger brakes. Along with several new settings for the suspensions, there is quite a big range of upgrades brought to this model. We also noticed that the bumpers will benefit from larger air intakes for the lower part, as well as new aerodynamic flaps.

The prototype noticed at Nurburgring didn’t have a wing, although it’s being rumored that the production version will have one. Apart from that, the official model will also benefit from a unique set of wheels and a stickier compound for the rear tires, which will be a bit wider. Other rumors say that the color range will be much more awesome than the regular M2 one, which can only make enthusiasts more excited.

So far, there are no official details regarding the price of the vehicle or other specifications. However, one thing we know for sure: BMW has prepared many upgrades for its fans in the next years.

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