2017 New Subaru Impreza

2017 New Subaru Impreza

It was in April 2016, when we were at the auto show in New York know the new Subaru Impreza. Lang was uncertain whether the car would come to Europe, but the ball is now the church.

They have thought about it at the headquarters of Subaru, but they are out. The new Impreza is coming to Europe! At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, he makes his European debut, a half year after the premiere in New York .

The new Impreza Subaru obviously has the familiar elements: a boxer engine, four-wheel drive and eyesight. Under the latter heading Subaru joins active safety systems such as emergency braking system. Wheel drive and eyesight are standard on every version of the new Impreza.

Subaru promises for the new Impreza comfort. The car is finely ground with respect to the XV, with which the Impreza shares most of the parts.

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