2016 BMW’s 6 Series wins hearts in 2015 Detroit Auto Show

The 2016 BMW’s 6 Series has come up with both requirements of big touring sports with personal car with all the comfort. It has various versions like convertible, coupe and Gran Coupe with four doors. It comes with several powertrains with flavors in performance with focused M6. . It just debuted in the 2015 Detroit’s Auto Show held in North America recently.

Its high performing M6 model can be released later with manual transmission because company also wants to please the traditionalists. BMW is expecting a higher numbers of buyers to come forward and buy it when it gets launched in showrooms.

The BMW Series 6 will be available mainly in two types such as Coupe and Convertible. Hence it will be compete against the top rivals like Porsche 911 and likes of Jaguar XK. It’s another version with Grand Coupe style will challenge models likes S7, A7 of Audi and CLS class from Mercedes Benz. From the looks angle, it will resemble a bit of 4 Series as its flare bumper is very much similar.

Its powerful Drivetrain will be consisting of 315 hp with six cylinder 640i turbocharged producing about 445 hp. In it’s another version there will be V8 650i turbo charged engine having eight speed automatic transmissions. These have both options of all wheeled and rear wheeled driving options. It has the capacity to generate around 560 hp power.

An extra addition of power to 6 Series model will make it same V8 turbo but seven speed based dual clutch having automatic transmission; otherwise it will be with six speeds manually transmitted having the single drive option that is rear drive. The two grilles of BMW, one having 650i and another 640i are situated at their exterior. However, M6 will come up with its own manufactured grilles each having six bars in pairs.

BMW has new plans for its upcoming models including 6 Series as well. These new models will have a scalloped cutting look in the both side headlights. Standard LED lighting will fitted having flared edges with unique surrounding in the Grand Coupe, Coupe and Convertible models.

BMW will bring another Sportier version with M batch and it will be an updated version of 6 Series only. It will have new 20 inch alloy wheels which will have improved exterior parts. Better bumpers are to be blessed with this model with three different openings. It would grab many features of the M6 which was created in 2012 first time. The M6 Coupe and Gran Coupe’s tops will have carbon fiber items to make them lighter.

Other standard features of BMW’s 6 Series will have 10.2 inch display screen which will host iDrive system of infotainment. It will also display much other important info like climate information, cruise control, Dynamic Digital Cluster display and many more.

The 2016 BMW’s 6 Series is going to get the dealership in first quarter of 2015. It was recently launched in 2015 Detroit’s Auto Show in North American International Show. BMW has a lot of expectation from this model and from its all versions.

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