2016 Bentley SUV worth the high prices?

A car from Bentley can never be expected to be cheap, but then there is a limit which automobile enthusiasts would like it to be under. Now that it is confirmed by the bosses at Bentley that their new and first SUV is going to be costlier than 130,000 pounds, everyone can only hope that it stays below 230,000 pounds.

Bentley had decided sometime back that they are going to come up with a SUV to add to their lineup. This is going to be first SUV from them so it is going to be kind of a landmark. Judging from trends in competitive auto market, people might have thought that a company would like to keep prices down, but authorities at Bentley, including Wolfgang Durheimer, has proudly announced that it is going to be a costly car.

What seems to be more amazing is that original model of this car was heavily criticized. It seemed that like an amateurish attempt and almost all design aspects seemed to be flawed from the onset. A revised design was then released which made it look sleeker and more like a real Sports Utility Vehicle that people would like to drive.

So it comes as a bit of a shocker when a car design that was initially discarded by critics and commoners alike, so much so that it had to be redesigned, is going to be priced so high. Yes, being a car from Bentley it is going to have some great features which is guaranteed, but the question is whether it is actually going to be worth it.

Wolfgang Durheimer mentioned that they are going to keep Mulsanne as their flagship and so prices for 2016 Bentley SUV is not going to exceed its prices. Nothing more specific was declared by him, so it puts prices of 2016 Bentley SUV somewhere in between 130,000 GBP and 230,000 GBP. No one would mind it being on the good side of 200,000 GBP, including all the dealers of Bentley.

There are already a number of good SUVS in market from big brands like Mercedes GL and BMW X5. Durheimer blankly stated that their SUV is going to be costlier that all other SUVs that were presently available in the market. SUVs from Range Rover, the X5 and the GL are all good cars with great features, so it is tricky to guess what is going to make Bentley’s SUV worthy of its cost.

This car is going to rest on a MLB Evo platform and it has been designed in such a way as to be able to reach speeds as high as 200 miles per hour. There are going to be 2 engine options as well. There can be twin turbo V8 with a capacity of 4 liters along with the W12 with capacity of 6 liters.

There is even news of a hybrid that is going to come out in 2017. So there are things to be praised about this car, except its prices.

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