2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo official unveiling at Tokyo Motor Show

2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo official unveiling at Tokyo Motor Show

Combining an eye popping design from Nismo and charisma of a Grand Touring, the all new 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo is now no more a thing of imagination, but it is going to hit roads sometimes in 2015. This car was unveiled in Tokyo Motor Show way before its actual debut.

It is not only a face lift to already existing grand touring models, with changes to headlight as well as taillight of the car, but there is a lot more to this new car from Nissan. Nismo worked hard on design of this car Nissan took power train to another level.

Most important part of a car is engine fitted in it. This slick car is fitted with a killer V6 engine that can send this car roaring on roads. This engine is capable of producing great power and high speeds, which suits the design and appearance of this car.

V6 fitted in Nissan GT-R NIsmo is a twin turbo engine with capacity of 3.8 litres. It is capable of producing 545 horsepower. Also, it has been heard that this car is going to produce more than 480 pound feet of torque, which is a minimum increase of 35 pound feet from what was there before.

Every aspect of this car has seen some renovation. Right from exterior of this car, the new rear end of this car, new headlight and taillight, to interior works that has made this car more luxurious and comfortable, and a pleasurable sight for eyes.

This car is going to be available in markets in different places of the world at different times. At some places it will be released earlier while at other places it will be released later. Japan is going to be first to see this car hit roads.

Not much detail about this car is known so far, but it can be expected that some new pictures and videos of this car is going to be released soon, in near future. A bit more details of interior works and top speed and pick up of this car is required, or else rumours are going to be turned to reality.

One thing known for fact about this new car is additional down force. New improved design of this car provides for additional 220 pounds of down force, increasing stability of this car. In turn, this increased stability improves security and safety of this car.

Price of this car is going to be somewhere close to a hundred thousand dollars, judging from price of the earlier 2014 version of this car. Still it is going to be well worth every penny of its price.

There have been some major changes in design aspect and also performance aspects of this car. Starting from new dampers to better suspension and a larger hollow anti roll bar, all improvements boost the overall performance of this car. It is a good point to invest in this car, as there is no chance of disappointment with the new 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo.

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