2015 Hyundai i10 SE 1.0, Taken for a Spin on Road

2015 Hyundai i10 SE 1.0, Taken for a Spin on Road

Hyundai’s i10 is a popular vehicle owing to its urban commitments and refinement. Even though this vehicle retains most of its original qualities, Hyundai announced a new model, to pick up declining sales over the years. When Hyundai launched it back in 2008, it scored a perfect four stars in road tests, which distinguished it from other vehicles in class. However, major car makers have come up with alternate vehicles, which reduced the i10’s affluence across global markets.

This made Hyundai think about re-launching the i10. First and foremost, the new i10 is larger and more spacious than its predecessor, especially due to a larger wheelbase. It is well refined and is available with a wide instrument cluster, containing a range of equipments. Some of the instruments included are heated leather seats, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and cruise control.

We got hold of the mid segment SE trim for tests, powered by a 1.0 liter engine and priced at £9,295. Its standard kit includes electric heated mirrors, air conditioning and USB connectivity. Its main rival – Volkswagen Up – costs an additional seven hundred pounds. If you are looking for a small vehicle for urban use, you could consider getting the 2014 Hyundai i10. It is light, peppy, easy to drive, smooth and flexible.

The drive dynamics is also quite composed while adjustable steering column ensures comfortable driving position. Its small yet powerful engine is fuel efficient, but powerful enough to cruise on freeways too. The steering column could be more responsive, even though this vehicle feels solid and complete. The interior has been worked on too and we have new and improved trim levels, enhanced space and plush seats.

A decent 252 liter boot space is also found on this model, although lack of an extra wheel is disturbing. If you are planning to make frequent trips, do make it a point to buy a spare wheel. High standard fit and finish on this vehicle is standard on this vehicle, even though its cabin may feel a little harsh at times. Hyundai claims this vehicle is capable of returning close to 60.1 MPG, although we could achieve just 40 – 45 MPG, after a day’s testing.

A 40 liter fuel tank is in place, which ensures a total drive distance of 400 Miles on a single tank of fuel. If you are planning on buying an urban vehicle for daily commute, the Hyundai i10 is a string contender. Its eager engine provides a solid feel while refinement level is quite high. The only downside however is engine noise penetrating into the cabin.

Once you consider its price point, you should not keep much expectation from this vehicle. Considering this, the features provided by Hyundai are more than decent. A section of buyers may be disappointed as the i10 Blue Drive is the only vehicle, which qualifies for tax exemption. Nevertheless, Hyundai is offering five year warranty on this vehicle, which could be an appealing option. Fiat’s Panda and Kia Picanto are also worth considering.

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