2015 BMW M3 and M4 info and pictures revealed before Scheduled debut

2015 BMW M3 and M4 info and pictures revealed before Scheduled debut

BMW unveils its official pictures of its very new 2015 M3 and M4. This info got leaked before the scheduled debut date, M3 is sedan and M4 is a coupe. M3 and M4 both have turbocharged engines and also come in clutch pedals. It got raft new technology and conventional naming for these revolutionary cars to the market. M3 and M4 are very light in comparisons to their ancestors and older versions of their model types.

M3 retained its sedan versions whereas M4 is converted into coupe version, but internally of the company these cars are designated as F80 and F82. Now M3 is divided into two very versions of sedans and coupe, and these cars are lighter than their older versions from BMW. M3 weighs only 176 lbs more than M4 coupe, m4 weighs around 3300 lbs which is very lighter than its predecessor.

BMW also claimed that this is very first time that any M series has witnessed such weight reduction from its total kerb weight than its older versions, it is an engineering marvelous works on cars. M3 and M4 come with very new and technologically very advanced turbocharged engines to flaunt powers in the engine they are carrying.

Code named S55 engine with 3.0 liter capacity of motor having six cylinders with E46 and E36 of M3 series of configurations. Along with these turbo charged engines it got twin turbo engine also giving a level apart of power and strength to these series.

Such engine configuration of M3 and M4 has more power than V8 engines which are very much in demand right now. V8 engine have high reviving capability in E90, this series of BMW offers horse power of 425 hp, and it’s slightly higher than any V8 engine powered car. Earlier versions of Ms didn’t have used any carbon fibers in them but this time BMW has used carbon fibers in new cars making them very much lighter and efficient.

As per power given by new Ms are very high specially between 5500 and 7300 rpm but the highest torque about 406 lbft would be available around rpm of 1850 to 5500 rpm, such performance is barely over any idle performance of sedan cars. This performance level has made engine very tractable and a lot in control.

Another marvelous change incorporated by BMW in there is oil sumps of aluminum which are lighter than V8 engines presently in the market. Car is also equipped with transmission of M-DCT with both auto and manual transmission. M3 and M4 Series car can go from 0- 60 kmph in just 3.9 seconds in auto mode turned on but same is achieved in 4.1 second when manual mode is turned on. M3 and M4 have transmission of six speed gear box with clutch and pedals for fans of BMW who just can’t give up clutch and gears, these gears are fully manual and setup of the box is integrated with sump which has made it lighter by 26 lbs than old gearboxes.

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