2014 ELR plug in hybrid a special edition of Cadillac

2014 ELR plug in hybrid a special edition of Cadillac

This winter holiday Cadillac decided to give away a surprise for their lovers by releasing a special edition of Cadillac 2014 ELR plug in hybrid. Another surprise given to world is that ELR is the first edition among cars which have both luxurious coupe and hybrid plug in. Another blast from Cadillac is that they are also releasing a little more expensive electric car version of Cadillac in the catalog of Saks Fifth Avenue. For now 100 cars will be sold and later on other versions will be taken to the market.

Saks fifth avenue car have very special type of paint, the paint is of white color with diamond touch to make such look or paint multilayer covers. This edition is little costlier and offer some more features to flaunt than ELR series of the Cadillac. Interior have only one of two colors those are jet black and light cashmere. Special edition of Saks Fifth Avenue have features like safety system of high tech grade, ventilated and heated seats for ultimate comforts and navigation system is very good.

Another added cost to the purchase of ELR is the up gradation of 240 volts station for charging with installation of professional type and grade. For this permission must be taken from municipal corporation which added costs to list of about $3000.

For the proper use and services of the battery pack and car. Cadillac have provided their customer with services for battery care and charging at home. Cadillac is an extended version of electric cars which have very high tech features to give ultimate power and comforts for a very good driving experience.

ELR can give 35miles from 16.5 kilowatt hour power of battery which is a lithium ion battery. A unique feature of this car is that if battery’s charge goes out but it won’t stop the car’s ride as it can again recharged by your fuel powered engine. This engine doesn’t run the wheels instead they recharge the battery that is they work as a generator for the battery.

It has four cylinder engines to move the car swiftly on the road with full power. Cadillac ELR can empty the fully charged battery in 4.5 hours which uses 240 volt stations for charging the car. Another state of the art technology which is used in the car it have app for smartphone where it can turn on the ac or heater of the car by just a press away from phone. Can check the battery state of the car from the app and can control many other features of the car remotely.

The ELR and Saks have common customer of range between 35 and 55, among of those are design workers, technology and philanthropy, arts. The delivery of this amazing machine will be start from March of 2014 and the demands for these cars have also started from now. The ELR sale will start in January in the same year, Cadillac have bring out the holiday surprise for its customers.

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