2014 Dodge Ram Features a Smaller EcoBoost V6 Engine

With the rise in petrol prices it is unwise to opt for a fuel gorging semi truck. Dodge however, sensing this fall in demand have come up with a unique solution. They have used their V6 Eco Boost F 150 engine on the Ram. When this engine was first introduced into their lineup, industry stalwarts were skeptical about this being General Motor’s V8 replacement.

Critics were however silenced soon as sales increased manifold right after this engine was introduced. Customers were actually elated that General Motor finally launched a fuel efficient engine for their favorite trucks. This new breed of engines may not be powerful enough as its predeceasing V8, although they provide better refinement and fuel efficiency and are hence popular. Dodge is planning to use its latest Ecotec3 engines on its new breed of cars while Chrysler is set to follow suit soon.

This 3.0 liter Ecotec3 engine is based on a long line of engines, designed by Italian marine diesel engine developer VM Motori. The company was in a former tie up with Fiat and hence their experience with car engines date back a long way. Current ownership rights have been split up 50: 50. Hence there should not be much trouble with future projects and partnerships.

An Eco diesel engine was initially designed for Cadillac and even though the engine is used in various vehicles from Cadillac, General Motors is using it in its other brands as well. Jeep still features some of these engines while Dodge will enter the fray by year end. This engine will be available however for a premium price tag, upwards of $4,000 on its base price.

Additional tax benefits should be meted out to its customers by the Governments, although high production costs push up the base price per model. Driving this monster was worth the thrill, even though performance may have seen a minor downfall. General refinement is at an all time high and a Ram as smooth handling as this, was a distant dream even a few years back.

The Eco Diesel 4.0 liter V6 displaces a smooth 420 ft lb of torque @ 2,000 RPM. This favors smooth acceleration along with a moderate top speed. Handling however needs special mention as advanced traction control measures have been implemented to make sure that this vehicle stays on road under all circumstances. All weather tires ensure better performance and grip while generous suspension and trim level ensures maximum comfort and safety for the passengers. Engine options have been mated to an eight speed transmission system which ensures better power distribution.

Acceleration and flexibility on this vehicle has been increased while turbo chargers ensure optimum power generation even on this relatively smaller engine block. This is one Ram which is set to be practical as well as sporty. Dodge can finally pick up falling sales across the country while Mother Concern General Motors is also set to benefit from this move. We sure hope Dodge comes up with a fuel efficient Viper next year.

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