2013 Honda FIT - car for new generation

2013 Honda FIT – car for new generation

Among the affordable small cars the 2013 Honda Fit stands at 1 out of the 43 analyzed cars. The 2013 Honda Fits stands promptly among the affordable small cars and in hatchbacks. The 2013 Honda fit is offering comfortable front and rare seats and large cargo room which is unbelievable for such a small car. Some analysts reveal facts that the Honda Fits engine is under-power. The Honda Fit secure higher position among the small affordable cars due to its highest reliability.

The Honda Fit is available in three Hybrids, stated as, Base, Sport and a Sport with navigation. All the three hybrids possess a standard five speed manual transmission with four cylinder engine. They also offer an optional automatic transmission.

A standard engine comprises of four cylinders is a manual transmission system. It also offers an automatic transmission system; up to 28/35 m pg city or highway even then Honda Fits is providing fun driving as stated by some test drivers. The engine of Honda Fit is not as powerful as offered by some of its rivals. According to a test driver, he found some difficulties in handling the brakes of Honda Fit as they are not strong enough. The cabin is outdated and shabby. The best mentioned feature is its highest fuel economy. It is estimated that the 2013 Honda Fit is a falter for its performance but when we deals with its reliability, Fit provides an above average results beating all of its better performing rivals like Volkswagen Golf and Mazda2.

According to a review in 2013, the 2013 Honda fit is the best subcompact car for making money as it is a combination of ownership costs and positive reviews by its buyers making it superior in the class.

The new 2013 Honda Fit provides a larger interior space and cargo space which is a distinguishing feature of the car among its competitors. The vehicle provides a fiv e seat c abin including comfortable front seats and spacious rare seats which are quite relaxing for adults. Large families can also finds a level of comfort and ease during high way drives. It offers the largest cargo space among the whole class of affordable small cars; the cargo room is as large enough to place some tall plant or a large carton into it.

The Honda Fits don’t provide an optional safety system, it lacks the review camera and blind spot monitoring system. Some of Fit’s customers wish that it may have parking sensors which can really help in lowering the accidental rate. Despite of all these flaws the 2013 Honda Fit is facilitating the customers with well developed USB port, blue-tooth networking and a high rated touch screen navigation system.

After enjoying a drive, a test driver said that the 2013 Honda Fit is the car which gives you a chance to enjoy the best ride, acceleration, comfort and easy management, a car with luscious interior, powerful engine, m ore over providing you strong brakes, indeed a chance of flying on roads.

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