2013 Detroit Auto Show – Ford Atlas truck

Ford Company is one of the leading carmakers in the automotive industry. They will be showing their Atlas concept newly designed pickup truck in the Detroit auto show which will held in the city from 19-27th of January. The Ford has made the truck on the concept of next-generation with EcoBoost engine. This will help in increasing the fuel efficiency in the car that the company made in the future, one can see a demo of the next generation F-150 pickup in this car for preview.

The design of the car is designed accordingly to improve the speed of the car. The twin-nostril grille with the wheel shutters improves the aerodynamics of the car and are adjustable according to the speed required by the driver.

A drop down at front air dam will be helping inn to adjust to the speed to get a smooth high speed for the car. This also helps the car to give a better fuel efficiency f or the d river and also it helps in gaining a good speed.
One of the additional features that the company includes having a 360-degree camera of point of view that helps the driver to have a safe drive and it also gives a bird’s eye view for the truck that helps in the parking of the car. This camera helps in making the parking easy in a tight place.

The use of less battery and fuel savings is one of the main things that are considered in the design of the car. LED lights are used in the side mirrors with the cargo box of the car so to reduce the battery drain of the car. These lights help in getting a clear direction and vision.

As it is a pickup truck, so it has a cargo space for the users to put their load in. This area in the car has a lot of new features. The dual-purpose with the tailgate step and a cradle are two of them. The tailgate step extends to about a roof height creating a rack for the cargo. The roof is made so that the car can adjust long goods like wooden planks e asily and there is no damage to the products.

The cargo area of the pickup truck by Ford have a vibrant holdup assist system which will be helping the driver to get the right direction for a precise lineup of truck with the hitch. The car company Ford said about this that it will be eliminating the maneuvering estimation and will be boosting the preview hookup by screening visual indication on the screen in the car. The company has not released their details but it is said to be working to a certain extent in this car design by Ford.

A ramp is made and is adjusted under the cargo box so to help the user to get their loading done with an ease on the truck. These small adjustments add to the appeal of the car for the company.

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