2013 Dart Rally Car unveiled by Dodge for RallyCross Competition

The first images of Dodge’s 2013 Dart destined for the RallyCross have been released. Officially, the car will debut at the 2012 New York Auto Show. The vehicle will be set in motion be a 4 cylinder engine with 16 valves displacing 2 liters. The unit will be able to produce 600 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. If we are to believe Dodge, the 60 mph milestone will be reached in 1.9 seconds. There should be no comparison to the normal Dart’s performance figures; the 184 horsepower developed make sure of that.

Right now little else is known about the car, except for the fact that it is made in Scandinavia. If you recall, that part of the planet is where rallying as we know it has been invented. Basically, the parts and rulebook can trace their origin to the rough terrain found there.

The other bit of information thrown to the public was that the Dart will be piloted by Travis Pastrana, Rally America’s 4 time champion. Dodge and SRT Motorsports managed to get the pilot behind the car’s wheel. The presence of Pastrana is thought to attract the younger public (under 30 years of age) to the Global RallyCross races.

The attention would be welcomed by Global RallyCross, which is entering its second season for 2012. The series was created after the popularity of X Games rally races exploded. Now, Mr. Travis Pastrana is well accustomed to those races too. Back in the day, he won gold medals in X games 17 times for multiple disciplines. Therefore, taking the Dodge Dart into a competition inspired by those games should not pose any difficulty for him.

Pastrana (28 years old) is expected to compete against formidable opponents; note that the final roster is not settled upon. Among them we can find Dave Mirra (Subaru WRX STI), Tanner Foust (Ford Fiesta), as well as Brian Deegan (Ford Fiesta). Alongside them we will find Per Eklund (Saab 9-3) and Marcus Grönholm (Ford Fiesta), both names having a deep impact on the world of rally racing, especially Marcus’ who was World Rally Champion 2 times before. Another important name will be Ken Block (Ford Fiesta), the one who impressed everyone with his gymkhana practice runs on an abandoned air force base.

The 2012 RallyCross season starts on May 26 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and ends on September 29 in Las Vegas. During that time, there will be lots of events that support races from IndyCar or NASCAR. Travis Pastrana and the Dodge Dart are scheduled to appear the entire season.

The cars that will race in the series will be, as expected, only shells of what we get to see on the road. Plus, the Global RallyCross has two categories: cars with 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. These two are further divided by build level: “Limited” for cars close-to-stock, and “Super” for the cars with top specs that will be participating in the race.

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