2012 Geneva Auto Show: the Apollo Enraged and Apollo R from Gumpert

The German supercar manufacturer Gumpert has come to Geneva to unveil tow new vehicles. Both of them are based on an existing model (the Apollo, obviously), but each targets a different customer base.

First off all, we have a back demon, an angry and furious fiend called the Apollo Enraged. Gumpert says this succubus is its most powerful car ever, of the ones certified to travel on public roads, that is. If this car picks your fancy, you must hurry and make a reservation, as only 3 units will be built. So, you have to act quickly if you want a 780 horsepower (powering 2590 pounds) beast in your driveway.

The other star is even a more furious apparition, destined to only see the track. The Apollo R is purely a race car, and, at Geneva, it comes fully geared for a lap or two. The traditional engine used by Apollo, the 4.2 liter twin-turbo V8 is used to propel the car, but a few enhancements had to be added in order to bring out some 840 horsepower out of it.

For this performance, a number of modifications were included in the engine and other systems. Thus, we have custom ignition, a higher boot pressure, control time adjustments, the air intake ducts were modified for better performances, while the exhaust system, already up to racing standards, was further refined.

The rear wheels set the car in motion thanks to a transmission controlled by rocker switches on the steering wheel (the clutch pedal has been removed). The driver gets all the information he needs via a central digital dashboard. Everything that was not essential to the interior of car has been removed, bringing the weight down to just 2425 pounds.

If the car is to perform adequately, the engine transmission cooling system had to be improved. That’s because the Apollo R will see a lot of action in the Asian markets. Also, fuel with high octane levels yield the best results for this car, in case you didn’t already knew this.

Why has Gumpert gone all the way to create a real race car? Well, mostly because of increased demand from Asia, as well as the fact that many Apollo owners take their cars to the track whenever they get the chance. Therefore, it seems legitimate to offer them a true race car and the performance it brings when they go to open GT events.

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