2011 Royal Wedding: Kate's Car: An Audi A3, Of Course

2011 Royal Wedding: Kate’s Car: An Audi A3, Of Course

As she gets ready for her new world of horse-drawn wedding carriages on her upcoming wedding day and then the world of chauffeur-driven limos when she and her soon-to-be-husband Prince William of Wales, son of His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales and the late Princess Diane, you have to stop and wonder if Kate Middleton will miss her little pocket rocket, Audi A3.

Although it looks like it is built on the new, longer platform introduced six years ago in Europe that features more interior spaced, a quick-shifting six-speed and all-wheel quattro drive (Haldex system where a viscous coupling tries to shift power from wheel to wheel as traction needs change, the A3 is still a fun car to drive.

And, being a young woman we are sure that Kate has had more than one or two mad moments behind the wheel when she entered a corner a little late, put on more throttle while bending the steering wheel in just a tad more only to hear the quattro system fight for traction as the wheels squealed in protest. Or maybe it was on one of those long M roads in Britain where she could have opened up the two-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged powerplant up as she ran through the six-speed gearbox like a violinist playing a well-rehearsed piece finding here speed somewhere to the north of three figures. (Future princesses get to do that sort of thing, although we are sure their princely fiances were not too please.)

Indeed from all the reports we have seen and heard about the European version of the A3 it is quite some vehicle and it is really quite easy to get to the north side of three figures very quickly. Unfortunately for the mere mortals among us that is also the territory of the constabulary with their radar guns and ticket books, as well as of the insurance industry which will jack your insurance without so much as a by-your-leave.

Still, Kate’s choice of car does make sense. It does have quite some hauling ability when the rear seat is down and when you are running around town doing errands and picking things up, just having that extra hauling space is very nice.

It’s also very nice being the intended of the son of the Prince of Wales because it was recently reported that when Kate decided to pop into town for a look at something or other, she just jammed her car right in front of the store and ran inside without, of course, putting anything in the meter. Doing his duty, we have heard, a traffic warden, not knowing whose car he was about to ticket, was just about to write out a parking ticket when a member of Kate’s protective squadron leaped out of his surveillance vehicle and ran over to the traffic warden to reveal whose vehicle he was about to ticket. Of course, that stopped the whole transaction dead in the water, so to speak, and Kate reappeared a few minutes later and took off.

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