2010 Spyshots: Mercedes CL facelift / S-Class Coupe

The CL-Class from Mercedes is already a while, so what is behind it with the newer models. Therefore, a Mercedes soon facelift.

We have some photos from a CL – or is it still S-Class Coupe? – During test sessions in the Northern Hemisphere. The previous generation was released in 2006 and was well received, despite its expensive price. But for € 120,000 you get a boarding V8 388pk also lacks nothing in luxury. Thus the CL derived from the S-Class, which is renowned for its beautiful finish and high quality.

With the advent of the S-Class facelift is now also the CL-class’s turn. Quality changes we should not expect this facelift, the Germans still remain. The front grille will be changed and come to court, like we see with the SLS AMG. Also getting this luxury coupe what led’jes here and there and a new exhaust system with oval exhaust the mouths replaced by square like the S-and E-class.

Motor, the new CL-Class just about the range of the S-class. There is a 5.5-liter V8 for the CL500, CL600 for a big V12, and with a CL63 AMG is also the known 6.3l V8, The top model and remains the CL65 with a tuned V12 with 2 turbos. Likewise, the two newcomers in the motor supply of the toplimousine their way back to the CL-Class, the 3-liter and a slip-CL400 hybrid.

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