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2010 Renault DeZir: seductive concept

At the Paris Motor Show, Renault car propose a new concept: the Renault Dezire.

Renault is known for strong concept cars, and because of the fact that the French brand concepts which in reality often also turnover. We can only hope that the Renault Dezire is the case, because the concept looks promising anyway. Renault Renault Dezire suggests to the desire of the brand in the future a more emotional styling of its vehicles to geven.Verder this concept electric car, what the ecological mission of Renault in the paint to set.

The Dezire is a two-seater with 21 “rims. Sportsmanship at its best so. The left door has a hinge at the front of the car, while the right door with a hinge at the back to do. The result are two asymmetrical doors sporty calling. The car is low to the ground and is extremely streamlined. The gray paint on the rear side is reminiscent of the side of the Audi R8. The Dezire does not have a rear window, but two cameras up to a rear window to take over.

On the inside we see a very modern interior with painted materials. The front seats seem to flow together, with a center console that – logically – in the middle. The instrument panel is very modern and also the entertainment in the center console completely follow that style. Whether the seats are comfortable, to the questionable side, but we do observe the Paris Motor Show.

The Dezire by an electric motor located in the middle of the car is in order to achieve an optimal weight. The lithium-ion battery Dezire located behind the driver and provides a range of 160 km. The battery is cooled so as not to heat the cabin to be transferred. The electric motor of 110 kW (150 hp) and 226 Nm. This effect seems limited, but the Renault Dezire barely made weight – only 830 kg – in the bowl with his Kevlar body. This is light and sturdy. This would allow the performance of the Dezire should be very bad. Zero to one hundred only takes 5 seconds, zero to 50 only 2. The maximum speed is 180 km / h.

Charging in three different ways. The first is through a 230V plug. Then it takes about 8 hours charge. When you use 400V three phase power, then you can recharge battery to 80% in just 20 minutes. You can also easily change the battery with one another. This raises the Dezire look for a car remote control, which we certainly all had as children.

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