2010 Official: The new Volkswagen Touareg

2010 Official: The new Volkswagen Touareg

Surprising is not it, because we already saw and a spyshots miniature version, But we welcome the new Touareg with pleasure. Bigger, more powerful and environmentally friendly with all the necessary luxury.

As with other recent models of Volkswagen, there are constants in the design. Thus we find the familiar front grille back, just like LED daytime running lamps and a custom engine package, more efficient but simultaneously emit less harmful gases. The design of the Touareg was also fully updated, so we get a fresh appearance more than strength and luxury.

Like his brothers Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 that all on the same platform have grown to the Touareg 4m80, an increase of 4.3 inches. This growth was primarily to the wheelbase, which is leaving a 4cm bigger even better weight distribution was achieved. The width was not adjusted but the car is decreased in height, now fit into a garage 1m71 high. As it belongs in the 21st century, sent the men from the Touareg Wolfsburg on diet, was killed there so unnecessary weight to 200kg. The design also has a reduced air weather sand, which has positive effects on consumption and CO2 emissions.

On consumption and CO2 emissions is also a good job, so all motorisaties consumption declined, the Touareg V6 Hybrid carrying a TSI 333pk, which is assisted by a 47 hp electric motor. In a perfect collaboration so you get 380hp and 580Nm, while consumption is limited to 8.2 liters per 100km and CO2 emissions to 193 grams per km. This strong performance and low rates are generated by a new eight-speed automatic gearbox. The Touareg Hybrid could easily pull a trailer and drive up to 3.5 tonnes full hybrid to 50 km / h, without any harmful harmful emissions.

Also with the other engine was quite powerful and yet economical to creep to obtain. With this philosophy, we must sadly say goodbye to the V10 TDI and W12, because they no longer belong in this time of the Touareg. If slip in hand, we find a petrol V6 with FSI 280pk, 360Nm torque, 9.9 liters of fuel per 100km and emissions of 236gr/km. On the diesel side we find a V6 TDI with 240hp and 550nm, accounting for 7.4 liters per 100km in a greenhouse 195gr/km. Newcomer is the V8 TDI, with up 340pk and 800nm, where the consumption of 9.1 liters diesel is CO2 emission associated with an 239gr/km

Also on the ground, the Touareg do not, so it has standard four-wheel drive. Optional future buyer if you have the choice of safety systems that help you when you’re on rough terrain. Of course, it all recent versions of ABD, EBD, ASR and Hill Control. Extra for the V6 TDI is the Terrain Tech Packet, Which is calculated on the car completely off-roading with a lower acceleration curve, a lockable rear differential, and custom electronics.

Germans are known for their equipment, the new Touareg is also true. Because the car grew, we get a little more rear legroom, so the back is 16cm and the sliding adjustable handrails. If we lay down the back creates a load volume of 1642 liter luggage, so amply sufficient. On the option list, we find several familiar options such as Lane Assist, Side Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Bi-Xenon lights, a huge panoramic roof, an electric parking brake and much more ..

With this new version of the Volkswagen Touareg hopes to continue the success story, since the start because there were already sold 500,000 copies. Competition may be there, with the recent new Q7 and X5 and the upcoming new ML has the Touareg luxury SUV is the label pinned received. Especially the Hybrid will do well, because who wants no more powerful car with a low consumption and CO2 emissions? From Geneva, we will provide you live images, we need to ask the press photos.

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