2010 Impression: Alfa Romeo SUV

2010 Impression: Alfa Romeo SUV

There is an impression photo surfaced of a Crossover SUV with Alfa badge, the speculation can begin again?

Now the Fiat Group owned the Chrysler Group will have access to the various SUV platforms. There would also benefit from Alfa Romeo. The mechanics of the New Jeep Grand Cherokee could be used for a sporty Alfa Romeo SUV to build. Especially for the United States appears to have an SUV in the range of essential, in Europe we can do without.

The Alfa Romeo SUV could also could be produced in America in the Chrysler plants. The question remains whether natural or an Alfa SUV introduce a wise move. The brand will be the major crossing will in fact make the Chrysler dealers sold, and like dealers who will provide additional competition for their Chrysler SUV’s can do without. The sporty sedans and hatchbacks from Alfa Romeo have a look again welcome addition.

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