2009 Road test: Jaguar XF-S 3.0D

The Jaguar XF was launched in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and was the Jaguar XF with the issue of a all or nothing. The company stood on the edge of the cliff and had to score with the XF. The car was very well received, mainly due to its combination of English, traditional and modern luxurious jacket which is wrapped XF. The entry was a 2.7-liter diesel engine, which according to some shortcomings. Thus, the new Jaguar XF-S, a 3.0 liter diesel engine under the hood is located.

The new diesel engine delivers 270 horsepower, making the XF-S in less than 7 seconds to 100 km / h sprint. It is however thick you in the peaceful nature of the Jaguar XF will have no meaning at all to push the accelerator. Because you drive a Jag and you prefer to drive there all along quietly. Should something go that extra power you need, you will always be present in addition to a large extent. And so it deserves a Jaguar. Knowing that the faster, without need. If a patron of the Autobahn is, may know like the top speed 250 km / h..

The 3.0 liter diesel engine would be a Jaguar should be much more economical than the previous 2.7-liter engine, but a true champion of economy we can not call the XF. Jaguar itself gives an average consumption of 6.9 liters per 100 km, but despite the many motorways and we reasoned that we used a relatively quiet behavior, we came out to 9.6 liters per 100 km. Who knows Jaguar accidentally turned two digits, but that would surprise us. Obviously the typical Jaguar driver of that consumption not awake, because he can afford a Jaguar XF, which costs enough. It is also true that the 3.0 liter diesel engine perfectly suits the quiet nature of the Jaguar XF. For all who may have some powerful, Jaguar offers a 5.0-liter V8 engine with supercharger. That engine produces 510 horsepower and is so powerful that the XF this motorization the suffix-R got.

The starting price is € 65,900 for the Portfolio edition. For additional options in our model are, as a panoramic roof and a blind spot sensor, you pay € 5,795. Which are also included in the system with reversing camera, heated and ventilated seats, steering wheel heating, an electric roof and almost instant windshield defrosting. Each of these options proved very useful, especially the windshield defrost, met us in good stead. That windshield defrost system works the same as the rear defrost, but just sophisticated. The heating wires you can see the images in the rear, his front become so minuscule that they do not disturb while driving, but very much help to leave during winter.

The handling of the Jaguar XF is very comfortable, though we sometimes feel that it was a little softer. Finally you drive in a Jaguar and comfort prevails. Passengers and drivers have no reason to complain in the Jaguar XF-S, on the contrary. On the back there is enough space and you’re leading by as good as any in the pampered luxury. The only thing we can actually complain about the quality of the leather of the seats. It seems that pastors who also tested our test model, this model tested very intensively, because the leather looked a bit ‘worn’ out. Normally you would expect that the leather was stretched tight over the chairs, but nothing was further from the truth. The fact that the leather was then perforated, made amends, because the seat ventilation is wonderful!

The S-Type had mostly traditional looks, the XF has enchanted many people knew immediately with its modern looks. The front of the concept was generally welcomed cheers, the front of the final production model slightly less. The back however is very sleek and exudes the elegance you expect from a Jaguar. The high trunk line, the Jaguar XF little haughty. Moreover, a fairly high particularly for rear trunk. Four occupants, perhaps businessmen, can ease the world with all their travel bags and golf sets lost. Front is even enough space to place three drinks, quite a lot if you know that maximum 2 people can sit.

Not only the outside but the inside is beautiful. Our test model was the Portfolio implementation and execution is more than generous. So generous that we had best do a bit of plastic to be found. The whole dashboard is leather, the roof lining feels very luxurious and the finish of the dashboard was executed in wood. Boarding is done without opening the car, Keyless Go allows the driver without much trouble behind the wheel can take place. Briefly foot on the brake and push the Start button, and before you know it raises the gear lever from the center console. After a few seconds you Move with ease in the world in the traffic, without even the slightest suffering from all the fuss.

The Jaguar XF was opgeleukt several innovations, including the gearbox. This is the greatest innovation that has the Jaguar XF and had the now dilapidated, J-shaped gearbox replaced. A knob allows you to select the desired gear mode and if you want to move yourself, you can switch to the paddles behind the wheel. To the “James Bond-content” of this model further increase, provided that Jaguar fans out the dashboard when you turn the air conditioner switching on and evening blue phosphor lamp, the XF omtovert to a real cockpit.

The Jaguar XF was generously sprinkled with options, but we believe the best option was heated steering wheel. morning was a very pleasant warm send in your hands, instead of an icy wheel. Jaguar integrated the Volvo BLIS system to another, we feel better, way than Volvo. Volvo sat at the rear a little orange light that flashes when you behind a girder would cut off the pass, the Jaguar XF was incorporated in the mirror. The system also detects cyclists, which is particularly useful in modern traffic.

It has all the entertainment options that are current today, including even DAB radio. The interface is a touch-screen, which is very easy to operate. The navigation system of Jaguar is not always as user, but once you are away with it, it really shows. To open the glove box, Jaguar provided an extra gadget. On the dashboard on the passenger side of the two circles are drawn, and when you push on it gently, flips open the glove box. The system is not always good, especially because you need to gently push the button. The Jaguar XF will be handled gently so clear, in every possible area that you can imagine.

In conclusion, we would decide that there with the Jaguar XF is completely back. No more rigid nature, live modern comfort! Moreover, it always manages the 3.0 diesel driving pleasure and to ensure he never has enough power. Of course the Jaguar XF takes a lot of money, but beauty has its price!


+ Traditional and modern comfort in harmony
+ Quiet as possible, fast and sharp as it should
+ It is something other than a BMW 530d
+ Looks

– Fuel
– Quality leather chairs
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