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2009 Citroen C3: interior photos

We showed you earlier how the exterior looked, but now we have interior pictures!
These first images we can deduce that also the overall quality Citroen attempting to lift a little higher.

This we see for example some materials on the dashboard and the steering wheel which reinforce this impression. The panel is due to the “Porsche-style”. We can see 3 meters each with their own present prominent peripheral tasks. The steering is well-and sports with an aluminum surface and flat bottom.

However, what we control the steering wheel and a hub, both will most likely continue to be reserved for the more expensive Citroens. Het central section includes a large color screen (7 inches), most likely for the topversie and Controls for air conditioning which are has its own window. We are also the new navigation system Citroen (MyWay) integrated. This uses an SD card as storage card, read mp3’s and has Bluetooth. Citroen is also said to have paid attention to the aural aspect, so there would be a “Hifi System” (upgraded audio) are available on the C3.

Certainly a very strong role in creating a pleasant atmosphere on board the huge windshield. This runs through to above the heads of the driver and front passenger. The rear view is this spiel, as it were, into thin air. The chairs look comfortable stay and are coated with a layer of cowhide.
The C3 is in November but prices are not there yet.

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