About: Adrian Sabau

Website: https://auto-types.com/autonews/author/adrian
Bio: Passionate about cars from age 12. Still at age 12 if you believe his wife, a little bit older if you listen to his colleagues. Likes driving fast, living on the edge and sleeping on a sofa when arriving back home from testdrives.

Email: adrian@auto-types.com

About: Daniel Zevedei

Website: https://auto-types.com/autonews/author/autotypes
Bio: Young, huge car maniac, with a fresh license in my pocket, eager to get knowledge in any domain. Currently a student, and after that pursuing acceptance at Computers & IT College. Muscle car fanatic especially the 1969 Dodge Charger 6.1 Hemi. Biggest dream? To own one!

Email: danzevedei@yahoo.com

About: Tudor Zaharia

Website: https://auto-types.com/autonews/author/tudor
Bio: The big blond with a red shoe. Will drive for miles until noticing that he left his co-driver at the office. A Ferrari fanatic, he’s always not satisfied with Diesels, about which he thinks are the Eye of the Devil. He’ll take a V6 Diesel anytime, though.

Email: tudor@auto-types.com